TRAVEL: Boracay, Philippines. Heaven On Earth.

After enjoying the sunset, the walkway and D’Mall became full of tourists. It was so crowded that it was difficult to even find a place to eat. Happy hour started as early as 4pm so there would be a party crowd as early as 8pm. Drinks are fairly cheap even if you purchased canned beer at the local convenience store.

2 NightlifeSC

I never really enjoyed partying and consuming large quantities of alcohol so I like to turn in early and try to catch some of the early morning sun. It’s pretty cold around 6am so there aren’t too many people around but I do happen to catch some moments that answers why I liked to wake up so early. As soon as my feet touched the sand, I know that I have reached Heaven On Earth.

3 Beach4SC.jpg

4 WaterBoardsSC.jpg

After walking around the beach for a while, I like to retreat back a little to see the view behind the trees. It feels as if I’m looking threw a picture frame with the sky and water within arm’s reach. It’s also an outlook of how the morning succeeded from the night before.

5 SetupDiscoBallSC

6 SetupSailsSC.jpg

About 30 minutes walking distance along the white beach, we found a small island that is frequently visited by tourists. It sits just meters away from the beach shore. With the water up to our knees, we had to walk into the water to reach the first climb of steps.

7 Island1SC.jpg

Just above the first landing was a small grotto that held a statue of The Virgin Mary. I would see some people clutch their rosaries and say a few prayers as they passed by.

8 Island2SC.jpg

We would walk around the small island and snap photos. Out of the hundreds of photos I took, I think I liked this one the most.

9 Island3SC.jpg

Walking back, we happened to see a beachside resort setting up a small wedding and reception. We were so happy to catch this moment. How wonderful it was to see that a happy couple would exchange their wedding vows and celebrate their special day with family and friends by the beach!

10 Wedding1SC.jpg

11 Wedding2SC.jpg

As the day slowly turned into evening, we walked along the beach with slippers in hand, taking photos. The heat quickly moves on and a slight cool breeze set in. We would watch people enjoying the last minutes of the sun before it snuck underneath the horizon.

12 People1SC.jpg

We would sit and watch the colour of the sun change colour from a large yellow-ish ball to a tiny orange no bigger than a thumbnail. I still remember how much I became so hypnotized with the reflection of the light off the water. I could sit and watch the sunset in Boracay every night and not even look at my watch. Time doesn’t mean anything when it feels like you’re in heaven – except when you realize it’s time to go back to reality.

13 Sunset3SC.jpg

14 Sunset1SC.jpg


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