TRAVEL: Boracay, Philippines – Relax, Shop, Enjoy.

After such a long road trip, the only thing on our minds is to unwind and walk along the beach. We would always check into the hotel right away hoping that our room might be ready. If our rooms weren’t made, we would ask if we could temporarily leave our bags in storage or at the front desk until we returned.

Boracay has become a popular tourist destination. It is a lot more commercialized from when I used to visit back in the early 2000’s. There weren’t as many hotels, the number of tourists were probably half of what it is now, and prices were exponentially lower. Even just the logistics of traveling from the port into Boracay Island was a lot different. We used to disembark several meters from the beach, walk into the rocky shore with the water up to our knees. Now we travel from the main road behind the hotels and walk about 10 minutes through narrow passageways to reach the front desk.

It is still beautiful as I always remembered it. Everywhere I looked was a different scenery. To my left, right and straight ahead – I saw the water, the sand, and trees that touched the horizon in every different way.

2 Beach3SC.jpg

3 Beach2SC.jpg

4 Beach1SC

Sometimes I got a little sleepy and took a short nap but shortly after, I would take my wife shopping at the nearest outdoor market called “D’Mall”. Funny name, right? They have lots of things to do here from a mix between lower/higher priced shopping, snacks and restaurants, and a basketball free-throw court for entertainment. Every once in a while, I always liked to shop here if it was too hot to walk on the beach.

5 DMall1SC.jpg

6 Dmall2SC.jpgOn a very heavy rainfall, there were times when the walking area in D’Mall was just completely flooded.

7 floodSC.jpg

After the rain dissipated, the skies quickly cleared up. We ventured out along the walking path again. There were times when the path was clear and we could lazily walk up and down the main path to see anything that would catch our eyes.

8 WalkwaySC.jpg

9 Shopping1SC.jpg

10 Shopping2SC.jpgAside from seeing stalls upon stalls full of trinkets, jewelry, and clothing, we would come across the odd store that would sell fresh fruit ready to eat. They look so delicious and mouth-watering!

11 Fruit1SC.jpg

12 Fruit2SC.jpg

The sunset arrived very quickly. I had forgotten how quickly it came after watching everyone on the beach still catching as much sun as possible and smiling at the kids running in and out of the water. I remember sitting for on the beach with my wife and while I was looking out towards the horizon, I happened to see something that I never knew would catch my eyes. I managed to capture the moment when this long canoe was directly underneath the sun and it made for a great memory that will last a lifetime.

1 FeatureSunset2SC

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